Young Euro Classic Times Two!

This year, Young Euro Classic is twice as nice: Two performance venues, two periods, ONE festival. 

Young Euro Classic Times Two!

Philharmonie Berlin: June 22-29, 2014
Admiralspalast: August 8-17, 2014

So much festival leaves room for novelty: experience outstanding performances on the grand stage of the Philharmonie and unusual formats at the Admiralspalast. More info here.

Operetta with Hollywood Flair

Come witness Young Euro Classic’s first operetta: fashion designer in mortal fear! Hollywood flair including happy end. >>more

Live and Electronic

A whole day focusing on YOU. Yes, you, our audience: Freispiel – pubblico on August 10, featuring no less than three concerts. The day closes with a very special symphonic concert by the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, with live electronics by the SWR Experimentalstudio. >>more

Love, Nature, Night

These were great topics of 16th century art – from the Ming Dynasty in China to Europe of the Renaissance.
Discover a first-time meeting of two influential art forms, half a millennium after their heyday: madrigal and kun opera.

Genghis Khan's Yurt

Experience the sound of the Mongolian steppe: from traditional overtone chanting (UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity) to masters of the morin khuur (“fiddle with a horse’s head”). Featuring famous soloists like the singer Samdandamba Badamkhorol, the morin khuur virtuoso Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig and further artists from the land of Genghis Khan. >>more

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Tickets can be purchased at all main ticket sales points.

Tickets Philharmonie: all seats 22 €*
Tickets Admiralspalast: all seats 18 €*
*plus service fee


Hotline: 030 - 8410 8909
(mo-fr 9-22, sa 10-20)
Online: buy here

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